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-Review by Living tradition. (4/2/20): “This is a proper album, of proper trad-style singing”




-Interview with Robert McMillen for the Irish News (24/January/20): "It’s almost impossible to tell which songs are traditional and which are newly composed."


-Review of An Sionnach Dubh by Folking . Com's Bill Golembeski: "..this is an album of deep Irish roots that is simply graced with heavy melodic wisdom and immensely thoughtful subtlety.":

-Review of An Sionnach Dubh by ARTREE's Joe Knipe: “...One of the most pure and exultant albums I have ever come across, it has all the natural beauty of a fjord and the grace of the Aurora Borealis..” :

- Interview with Irish Central : "This Tyrone singer's ancient Irish ballads will give you chills"

- Review of Celtic Connections Malinky gig by Iona Grace Fyfe for Hands up for Trad (January 2019):  "A crystalline voice with flawless ornamentation, it is clear through his performance that Dàibhidh is a singer who puts his raw feeling and emotion into a song"



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